Another New Website? I Just Got Used To The Last One.

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It seems like just a year ago that we launched a new website. It seems that way, because it was! So why did we decide to change things up again so soon? 

     Let's start by fixing that previous statement. We didn't change the website, we improved it. So what exactly does that mean?

     Convenience: The new set up allows visitors to search for information right through the front page, making it easier for everybody to get the information they need, when they need it. It is also very dynamic, making sure that all of the available information is up to date and as current as possible.

     Interactivity: We wanted to provide the Renninger's community with a better way to interact with us, and each other, online. Our new website allows us to share news and events easier than ever, share blog posts, gives vendors access to their own business listings, allows users to comment on material, and there are plenty of new and exciting things in the works for the future.

     For Us: Our old website was a bit clunky and difficult to maintain. The new platform we are using will make maintenance a breeze, leaving us more time to add new features and improve the overall experience.

Note: The login form on the right side of the website can be used for anybody to create an account and sign in. While the only features currently available are for select members including vendors, employees, and blog contributors, there will be features for the general public in the future. If you would like to create an account in preparation, you are more than welcome to.

     I know we all just started getting used to the old layout, but we think that you'll enjoy this one much more! As always, send any questions or comments to our webmaster, Dexter Renninger at

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Dexter Renninger

Dexter Renninger is the web designer for Renninger's Promotions. He also works in online marketing and social media management.

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