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In the latest issue you will find featured article by Terry & Kim Kovel and Harry Rinker.

Monday, 05 January 2015 00:00

Elvis would be 80 this January 8, 2015

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The King of Rock and Roll is highly collected.

In this issue you will find articles such as "Beloved Dolls of Native Americans" by Robert Reed,

Read the latest issue of the Renninger's Antiques Guide


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In this issue you will find informative articles by Terry and Kim Kovel as well other information from the Antiques Industry.

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This is the best time of year to shop at Renningers Antique Market in Adamstown. Each Sunday morning dealers bring new merchandise to market so every Sunday is a new adventure.

One of the prime dealers is Marie Talone, owner of Marie's Antiques, LLC. Talone has been at Renningers since 1993, and before that she was selling in the Poconos. "I got in the business by accident," explains Talone. "My husband, Herc, and I began setting up at flea markets. It just rolled from there. I went from auction to auction learning about antiques along the way. Every penny I earned went back into the business."